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Diagnostic testing in Epsom

At Etwelle Garage, we have the resources and equipment available to carry out a diagnostic test. If you’re experiencing problems with your vehicle and not sure of what the cause may be, bring your vehicle down to our garage in Epsom. Our team will plug their equipment into your vehicle’s computer system and within seconds will be able to find out the reason behind the issues you’re experiencing.

Quick, easy and reliable

Often, a diagnostic test is recommended if our mechanics aren’t able to find the problem with your vehicle. The test is a great way to find results in no time. It lowers the chance of misdiagnosis that may occur under human error, as well as saving you time and money. A diagnostic test will allow our mechanics to find and attend to the issue as quickly as possible before it turns into a bigger and more expensive issue. We promise to work as quickly and efficiently as we can.

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When does my vehicle need a diagnostic test?

There can be many signs that your vehicle is in need of a diagnostic test. However, the main sign is a dashboard warning light illuminating. If you see a light appear and you don’t know what it means, or you’ve tried all you can to turn it off but it won’t go, this could be a sign. Another sign could be if you’ve noticed a difference in the way in which your vehicle drives. Whatever the reason, the best thing to do is bring it to Etwelle Garage in Epsom and let our professional mechanics take a look.

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We want to make sure that you have a quick and easy experience with us. Which is why we’re pleased to provide you with an online booking tool. All you need to do is enter your registration number and select the service you’d like, along with your preferred date and time. We look forward to helping you out with your motoring problems.

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