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Professional air con service in Epsom

At Etwelle Garage, we understand how important an air con service is to your vehicle. Not only does it keep you cool during the warmer months, but it also doubles up as an air filter. It stops all of the dust and debris from entering your car, allowing you to have fresh air at all times. However, these can build-up over time which is why it’s important to get it looked at and cleaned.

Keep fresh with an air con service

During your vehicles air con service at Etwelle Garage, our mechanics will carry out a full inspection of your air con system. They will ensure that everything is in working order. Next, they will give the system a deep anti-bacterial clean, making sure that no dirt gets left behind. An air con service is not included in a regular vehicle service, so this can often be forgotten. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that you get your air con serviced once every two years to ensure clean and fresh air is entering your vehicle.

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We want only the best for our customers in the Epsom area, so we promise that every service we carry out is to the highest standard possible. Our mechanics are fully-trained so know exactly what to do and what to look out for. Once all of the work has been conducted, you’ll receive honest advice at a competitive price. Be sure to book your vehicle in for an air conditioning service today. You can use our quick and easy online booking tool which is available 24/7. You don’t have to worry about entering any payment details online as you’ll only be required to pay once all the work is complete.

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